Radacini Group

30 years of automotive history and more than a million customers. The story does not stop there. We remain committed to the concept of “customer for life” and we will continue to focus our efforts for our current and future clients to be satisfied with our services.


Established in 1991, Radacini Group is one of the leading distributors of cars in Romania. The network currently includes car dealerships and authorized service centers in Bucharest, Braila, Brasov, Constanta, Galati and Ploiesti.

Our portfolio includes famous car brands like Opel, Volkswagen, Mazda, Suzuki, Citroen, Peugeot, Honda, Cadillac, Chevrolet (aftersale) and Audi (aftersale).

In 2015, Radacini Motors delivered the world’s largest fleet of Opel Movano Trabus, 1300 units now being used as a school buses in the rural area.

Our development area did not stop only in the automotive domain. We are also acting in the construction equipment segment as sole importer in Romania of the Doosan forklifts, in the real estate segment offering intelligent solutions for accommodation and in the professional training programs in the automotive industry.

  • 30 years dedicated to its clients
  • Delivering the world’s largest fleet of Opel Movano, Radacini gains a 6.9 percent share of the total commercial vehicle market in Romania in 2015.
  • Radacini is the biggest distributor for Opel, Mazda, Suzuki
  • Radacini has a large portfolio of 7 vehicle brands in 7 of the most important cities in Romania
  • Over 1,100,000 entries in the service department
  • 11 service centers in 7 major cities, offering full service for 10 car brands: Opel, VW, Audi, Mazda, Suzuki, Honda, Citroen, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Cadillac.
  • Radacini Group is also present on the construction equipment market, being the sole importer in Romania of Doosan forklifts, being also active in the real estate market and professional training in the automotive field through the Master Professional Training Group.
Our History

1991 is the year we set up and started  Radacini Group’s history. It is the year that marks many changes at national level and the year we decided that we want a new business concept, open, transparent, a concept that offers high standards products and services to our customers, designed for both the final user the distribution companies. It is the year we became devoted to the concept “lifetime customers”.

The first major event in the company’s history occurred in 1995 , when we signed the first car dealership contract with Daewoo Automobile Romania. We started with small steps and the group slowly grew. We began to grow so that it was necessary to increase the staff to meet the needs of our customers. Our vision and our concept of “lifetime customers” determined the appreciation of all our customers, who understood that we are a young team that focuses on the quality of the services offered.

The excellent collaboration with Daewoo Automobile Romania and the results achieved in the distribution of Daewoo cars brought us the distinction of “number 1 dealer”. Thus, in 2002, the Group felt the need for a new expansion still in automotive, bringing in the Bucharest market a second car brand: Subaru. Later, the group became importer for this brand in Romania.

Another step in the development of the Radacini group was the establishment of Radacini Motors in October 2005. Through Radacini Motors, the group concludes a partnership with General Motors to represent the brands Opel and Chevrolet . The first Opel & Chevrolet showroom is opened in Bucharest , on Timisoara Boulevard, near Plaza Romana – an investment of 2 million Euro. It is a 3S location (sales, service, spare parts) with a total built area of 2200 sqm, of which 500 sqm are for the modern showroom.

The expanding of Radacini Group took place gradually and from the desire to gain a more varied market we established in 2006 Radacini Equipment Division specializes in forklifts and construction equipment under the brand Daewoo Heavy Industries, a company that was subsequently integrated into Doosan Infracore. In the mean time, machines have taken over the new company name. Radacini Equipment offers a wide range of forklifts with efficient diesel, LPG, gasoline engines, electric forklift trucks and construction equipment.

In 2004 by Radacini Auto Style, the Group became Bosh Partner entering in the Bosch Car Servicenetwork, in 2006 the partnership has expanded into the injection pump repairs.

Arian Motors becomes the 4th Mazda dealer in Romania and the Mazda showroom opened in western Bucharest. Confident in the slogan “Dealer #1” Arian Motors is now the largest Mazda dealer, selling 40% of the total imported Mazda cars in Romania. In 2007, Radacini Motors entered in the premium car segment, becoming the only Romanian importer of the legendary American brands (North American Vehicles): Cadillac, Corvette and Hummer, which are all in General Motors portfolio.
To mark this premiere, Radacini Motors participated at SIAB with a modern stand where the most representative models were exposed : Cadillac Escalade, Corvette, Hummer H3. Less than 2 years from the opening of the first showroom, the group opened a new showroom in Braila, the second Opel & Chevrolet showroom and service. The automotive complex includes car showroom, with a built area of over 650 square meters, service station with an area of about 450 square meters, car body workshop (bodywork, paint) with an area of 500 square meters, annexes and parking.
The total investments in the showroom and the required equipments was of about 2 million Euro. In the same year the group opens its fourth integrated sales and service Opel & Chevrolet center in Brasov, an investment of 4 million Euro for the land and construction of a building with an area of 1250 square meters, of which 400 square meters are allocated for the showroom.
Radacini Braila
Radacini Brasov

In July 2008, Radacini Group through Radacini Auto Motor has decided to strengthen its market position and to accelerate its development strategy, through a partnership with Suzuki Motor Corporation – the Romanian branch, becoming authorized dealer for this Japanese brand. Radacini Auto Motor functioned at first in a temporary location in western Bucharest, on Iuliu Maniu Blvd. No. 246 and moved afterwards in a modern complex consisting of showrooms and service on 52-52 Giurgiului Street.
The total area of the facility is of 5900 sqm, 2100 sqm built and 3800 sqm parking for clients. Also in July 2008, in Brasov, Arian Motors opens its second Mazda sales center. The complex has an area of over 500 square meters, and the entire value of the investment was over 2.5 million €. The year 2008 ended with another investment in a third Arian Motors showroom, located in the northern part of Bucharest, on 46C Pipera Street.

Between 2009 and 2011 the Group’s evolution met new challenges and changes. In the summer of 2009 the multi brand complex in Constanta was opened. With an area of car exposure more than generous – 750 sqm – and an double area dedicated to servicing (10 workstations PTI line, geometry and wheel service, bodywork, paint), this is the largest location of Radacini Motors in the country and required an investment of € 2.5 million.

Customers can relax in their specially designed waiting room with a mini bar, the parking space is of 3,000 square meters, and – a novelty in our services – customers can change or storage their winter/ summer tires. In January 2010 the Master Franchise agreement for Romania is signed with Domino’s Pizza. On 5 August 2010 the group Domino’s Pizza opens its first store in Romania, in Bucharest, 46C Pipera. In 2011, Radacini Group became official dealer for Citroen, with two showrooms, one in Constanta and one in Bucharest, on Marasesti Blvd.

Following the same quality standards, 2012 marks the expansion of the group with two more showrooms in Romania – one in Galati, and another on Maniu Blvd. in Bucharest. Even if there was a stagnation in the current market, these showrooms are dedicated to future orrders that will surely come, especially with the launch of the new Opel and Chevrolet models in Romania. Currently, Radacini Group comprises representatives, dealerships and authorized service centers in Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Braila and Galati representing Opel & Chevrolet, Mazda, Suzuki and Citroen brands.

We are the sole importer in Romania of Doosan forklifts. In the lifting equipment range we provide customers Pramac pallet trucks. Domino’s Pizza franchise currently includes six stores in Bucharest. Staff employed in the company currently counts over 800 employees and more than one million customers have step into Radacini dealerships in the last 21 years.

We are the Dealer no. 1 for the brand Ople in Bucharest, Braila and Constanta. The outstanding performance obtained during the national event Opel 24H, determined Radacini to win the 1st place, outselling other Opel dealers in Bucharest, Braila and Constanta.

Radacini became an authorized Volkswagen distributor and repairer for Volkswagen and Audi in Ploiesti.

Radacini Motors distinguished itself from other Romanian dealers by more than 50% of the contracts signed during the national event Opel 24H from 19-20 April 2013. Although the market economy is still precarious, we continue to maintain our reputation of good professionals and we thank customers for their trust in us. We do our best for our customers to feel pleased and treated properly. Our concept is “lifetime customers” and we will never deviate from it!

Radacini became a Honda dealer in Brasov and Peugeot dealer in Galati. Radacini is the number one dealer for Opel, Mazda and Suzuki. 3.5% is the market share of Radacini in the total Romanian vehicle market!

28,4% sales increase in 2015, while the vehicle market increased only by 18%. 3.5% – the market share of Radacini in the total Romanian vehicle market in 2015. Radacini delivers the world’s largest Opel Movano Trabus fleet. 6.9% market share in the commercial vehicle segment.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to become the first choice of customers purchasing cars, repair and maintenance car services, offering them a varied portfolio of car brands and a network of service centers equipped according to the highest standards. Our ultimate goal is to have completely satisfied customers.


Our Company's success depends on our clients satisfaction with our services, this is why we are dedicated to the "lifetime customers" concept, trying our best to build a lifetime partnership with our client, thus maintaining their fidelity to Radacini Group.


In all our daily interactions, both with customers and suppliers or employees, we strengthen relationships, emphasizing fairness, respect, trust, professionalism and ethical principles. We keep our promises to all our customers, partners or employees.


We are passionate to succeed in everything we plan. We compete in the vehicle market in these difficult economic times, but we are able to be on the top places in the country. We are dedicated to the automotive field and try to find out everything about cars, about technical innovations and how they can influence in a positive way our customers' lives.

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